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The VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program benefits
Attendees, Exhibitors, and Promoters

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Verified Gun Shows improve attendance
Gun Show Attendees: Attend shows with confidence!
If you have ever drove to a gun show - only to find out the show has been cancelled, rescheduled, or moved to another location - then you know why we created the VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program. Unfortunately billboard advertisements, newspaper ads and radio commercials often keep running even after a gun show has been cancelled or rescheduled. Many online websites also continue to list shows that have been rescheduled or cancelled. The VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program is different.
First, gun show organizers and promoters who participate in the
VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program check our listings of their shows to make sure the information given is accurate on our websites (many other websites don't do this). Secondly, and more important - VERIFIED GUN SHOW! participants are contacted by us just prior to their actual event taking place so that we can verify from them that the show is being setup and doors will open as advertised with us.
Gun show attendees are encouraged to visit our site regularly to watch for shows scheduled for their area, and also check the site again the day before or day of the show to make sure the show is still taking place as planned. This saves gun show attendees time and gas, and allows you to make plans and attend shows with more confidence.
VERIFIED GUN SHOW! websites are also mobile-friendly, perfect for checking while on the go! We also hope you will tell us know how to serve you, the gun buying public better. Your feedback, comments, and suggestions matter! Please scroll down to see a list of states we are currently serving, and watch for more states to be added in the future.
Gun Show Exhibitors and Dealers: More Buyers!
We know what it is like to setup at a poorly advertised show and later find out the public was confused by advertising or afraid the show might have been cancelled so decided to not show up at all. Dealers need customers to sell to, and our goal is to help with that. Support promoters who participate in our VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program - know they are trying to take extra steps to make sure their shows are advertised accurately and helping the public feel more confident about showing up. It is a team effort, and we hope you will let us know how we can serve you and your customers better.
Gun Show Promoters and Organizers: Customer Satisfaction!
We may be new to your state, but we are not new to the gun show industry. We began our first state-specific gun show website back in 2008 and it became a resource the public used to keep up with shows in that state, dealers used as a planner to decide which shows to setup at, and promoters used it as a way to know what other promoter's dates were so they could better plan future shows. In 2014 we introduced the VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program in one state and promoters began asking how they could participate in it. Now almost all promoters in that state participate in our program there. Our VERIFIED GUN SHOW! program offers a way to promote your shows while also trying to better serve the needs of your attendees and vendors.

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